The Alderwood 2 Tile Tray


The Alderwood Tile Tray


Product Description

Color: Alderwood
Outside Dimensions: Approx. 5″ H x 9 1/4″ W 
Inside Dimensions: Approx. 4 1/4″ H x 8 5/8″ W 
Depth: 2 9/16?
Handle Dimensions: 3 3/16″ x 1 1/8″
Tile Size: Two 4 1/4 Tiles

The Alderwood Tile Tray for (2) 4 1/4tiles is perfect for displaying your “saved memories” or artwork elegantly and inexpensively.  Let us  create refined pieces that will wow and impress. This tray will not distract from your photos or  artwork and it makes an attractive and creative gift.