What’s cooler than a glow in the dark mug?  A glow in the dark mug with you very own design on it, of course!  This fantastic coffee mug is going to impress you in a big way with its ability to do whatever you want it to do and still hold an impressive 11oz of your favorite beverage.  If you are someone who enjoys the idea of sipping a drink late at night, this will certainly help.  Plus, it will always help you find the mug in the dark by accident!

This is a great coffee mug to consider so that you will able to help yourself into a future that is full of customized mugs that can also give you a sense of decor in the dark.  You can design whatever you want and it’ll combine it with the rich white ceramic base that serves as the ultimate canvas for your favorite design or family photo.

Sure to make a great gift for a loved one who loves unique content, this is a wonderful mug for all ages and interests.

Product Info

  • Size: 11 oz
  • Imprint area: 7.5″ X 3.25″